Import Groupage
From Istanbul, Turkey, Weekly Service (7-8 Days)
From Izmir, Turkey, Weekly Service (7-8 Days)

Export Groupage
Vilnius, Lithuania, 1-2x Weekly Service (5 Days)
Riga, Latvia, 1-2x Weekly Service (6-7 Days)
Tallinn, Estonia, 1-2x Weekly Service (7-8 Days)
Izmir, Turkey, 1-2x Weekly Service (7 Days)
Istanbul, Turkey, 1-2x Weekly Service (7 Days)

  • Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Weekly groupage service, Most areas covered. Transit time dependant on destination.

Road Full / Part Load Service
Full and Part load services are offered to and from ALL countries.

Offering a range of equipment:-
- 13.6m Tilt Trailers
- 13.6m Box Trailers
- Temperature controlled vehicles

We can also offer customs clearance services on our shipments. We can also offer customs work for your loads which are not through our service. Click here for more information.

CIS Rail Services
Many destinations in Russia and the CIS are difficult and also expensive to service by road transport, and we can offer a reliable and cost effective transport using rail services from our partners depots in Lithuania or Latvia.

Using either 20' or 40' containers, also covered or open rail wagons offering high capacity units. We can serve to hundres of Railhead destinations throughout Russia and the CIS. Combining both road and rail services, we can utilize the most efficient and cost effective modes of transport to the final destination.