RS International Freight can offer full customs clearance services for all road transport arriving to and from Dover via Road. Even if you are not using us for your freight requirements all goods entering from outside the EU are required to be cleared at port of entry.

Our Dover agent is a 24 / 7 customs clearance operation which offers a neutral service to both importers direct and the freight industry itself. Direct 'CHIEF' links to HMRC which guarantees quick and efficient clearance of your goods.


Further information

For all companies and drivers who require Import or Export Freight clearance prior to departing/entering the UK, it is imperative that ensure that your documentation is in order and that your vehicle(s) have been customs cleared to proceed. This is where we will handle all paperwork and ensure all is ready for the trailers arrival.

Failure to do so will undoubtedly result in complex problems later in the journey.  The Freight Clearance Facility can be found at Dover Western Docks and it will be the vehicles first port of call.

Looking for customs clearance?

If you are looking for an agent to manage your customs clearance needs in the port of Dover or Felixstowe then give us a call or email us here.